Sermon Selection

Remembrance Sunday 2018

Preach from our 100th anniversary Remembrance Sunday service.

Vision 2019 Part 1

In the first part of our Vision 2019 series of talks, Ian Travers shares on what God has called us to as a church in the next part of our journey.

His Voice Part 3

Attilio continues our series on listening to God’s voice, but seeing how Jesus’ spoke into Peter’s life, and how we can learn from his experiences. On 21st October 2018.

His Voice Part 2

Gareth Roberts continues our series looking at the different ways God spoke to Gideon and shaped his character. On 14th November 2018.

His Voice Part 1

Quinton Handscomb open a teaching series on hearing the voice of God encouraging us to stop and take moments to listen.

Story of a King – Shepherd to a Nation

Colin Lavery finishes our series on David looking at how he was a shepherd, both to a flock of a sheep, and to a nation.

Story of a King – Faithful Servant

Al Gregory continues our series looking at David and his faithfulness to the mission that God had called him to.

Story of a King – Flawed King

Quinton Handscomb continues our series looking at the life of King David.

Story of a King – Giant Killer

Beginning our series, Ian Travers looks at the story of David and Goliath and how David’s trust in God was through devotion to him.

Presence of the Future Part 7

In the final part of the series, Gareth Roberts preaches on the gift of peace as a mark of the Kingdom of God.

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