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Below are a number of recordings of recent preached messages. To download, simply click on a talk from the list below. All downloads are iPod compatible, and audio CDs can be created using the MP3 files.

What can you do with an MP3 recording?

• Listen to the recording on your computer
• Burn the talk to a CD (software required)
• Take it with you – transfer the download to an iPod or MP3 player to listen and hear God on the move!

Click the arrow in the grey box box to listen online. (You can use the vertical bars to control the volume as well). Alternatively click the circle to download the MP3 to your computer

Membership Series – Support

Membership preach series on how to support one another within the church @ DCC, by Quinton Handscomb on 3rd December 2017.


Membership Series – Gives

Membership preach series on how to give to one another within the church @ DCC, by Al Gregory on 26th November 2017.


Membership Series – Submit

Membership preach series on how to submit to one another within the church @ DCC, by Ian Travers on 19th November 2017.


Membership Series – Pursue

Membership series on the subject of pursuing a relationship with God by Alistair Gregory on 12th November 2017.


Membership Series – Believe

Membership series preach on ‘believing’ by Attilio Morosini on 5th November 2017.

CAP Sunday 2017

Short talk by Alistair Gregory on our CAP Sunday event on 22nd October 2017.

Membership Series – Introduction

Introduction to Membership at DCC by Ian Travers on 29th October 2017.

Summer Reading – Humble Roots

17.10.15.HumbleRootsSummer reading series on ‘Humble Roots’ by Hannah Anderson, preached by Quinton Handscomb on 15th October 2017.

Summer Reading – Bold As Love

17.10.01.BoldAsLoveSummer reading series on the book ‘Bold As Love’ by Bob Roberts Jr, preached by Al Gregory on 1st October 2017.

Summer Reading – Ordinary

17.09.24.OrdinarySummer reading series on the book ‘Ordinary’ by Michael Horton, preached by Ian Travers on 17th September 2017.

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