Newday Aug 2013

Everyone had a great time. To download talks follow the link http://newdaygeneration.org/resources


Newday is a summer youth event hosted by Newfrontiers. It’s a week of great bible teaching, powerful worship and most importantly encounters with God.

This year, DCC took over 40 youth to Norfolk Showground in Norwich, we camped out and enjoyed what was mostly great weather. At Newday there is lots going on to reach a broad range of different people and meet with them where they’re at.

During the mornings two age groups would split apart, 12-14s and 15-19s so that they could cater to the different stages of young person’s development. Then they would after the morning meeting head off into fantastic seminars on a huge array of topics. Then different café’s would open in the afternoon, where everyone could nose around the book store, get a gigantic milkshake  skate in the skate park, etc.

In the evening everyone would come together in the big top, and worship and someone would teach from the bible. We had an incredible line-up of engaging speakers:

Monday: Andrew Wilson (Elder- Kings Church Eastbourne)

Tuesday: Stef Liston (Lead Elder- Revelation Church London)

Wednesday: Darrel Tunningley (Evangelist- Unreachable Ministries- Hope Corner Community Church Chester)

Thursday: Adrian Holloway (itinerant Evangelist based at Christ Church London)

Friday: Tope Koleoso (Lead Elder- Jubilee Church London)

Saturday (Morn): Stef Liston (Lead Elder- Revelation Church London)


After the main meetings the café’s would open again and when they closed it was to bed to do it all it again the next day.


All in all 2013 was the best Newday I [John Dutton] have ever been too; the youth engaged more than I’ve ever seen, their responsiveness to God was just wonderful to watch unfold as the week went on. Altogether I think most of the youth could definitely say they met with God and that he did some life changing work.


Also Newday as a whole had in the week more than 1000 responses to the Gospel and claims of healing. Being amongst that again is an experience not worth missing, to see the life changing work God does in that week shouldn’t be missed. So roll on 2014.

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