Food Bank

This was written by one of the families who have used the Haven Foodstore. To contact the foodbank call: 01322 221717

“I would like people tp know how the Foodbank has helped me.Now I look back it was my lifeline. I was at the lowest point in my life.when i had nothing and no one to turn to.
I was asked if I had been to Haven.I was embarrassed and ashamed to ask for help, but the smiles on peoples faces light up the room. People feel belittled having to ask for help but I am so glad I did.
I was a very quiet person who did not like talking to others but a year on I am a completely different person. Haven not only provides food, it gives you support, helps guide you in the right direction for organisations that can help you. You can go to the food bank once a week where you can have a cup of tea, something to eat and meet people. Don’t feel you can’t visit, it’s the best place I could have gone in my hour of need. God bless everyone who dedicates thier time and help.”

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