Al & Jane Russian visit

Day 1 Friday 10 May – took the Easy Jet flight to Moscow and then had a few hours wait for the evening flight on to Penza. Very pleasant wait as the temperature was 27 degrees and the sun was shining!
Arrived in Penza at 9pm and were met by Oleg and Natasha.

Day 2 Saturday 11 May
Went to Surdobsk – about two hours drive out of Penza – to a small church n a rural area where there are very few believers and just this one church.IMG_0861

Day 3 Sunday 12 May
Al preached at Penza on Acts 2 and had a great response – one lady gave her life to the Lord and many others came for prayer.
In the evening Al spoke at a men’s meeting and Jane did a women’s meeting.

Day 4 Monday 13 May
Went to Kuznetsk – another smaller church a couple of hours away from Penza. This church has gone through some tough times but are pressing through and seeing God saving people.

Day 5 Tuesday 14th May
Went to Alexandrovka – a church plant in a remote village area. We arrived in the afternoon and had a barbeque together, then carried on with a meeting in the open air.



Day 6 Wednesday 15th May
We did a leaders meeting with the Penza leaders and then had a supper together with hem all at 10pm !

Day 7 Thursday 16th May
Back to uk after an excellent trip with lots of good times with our Russian friends!

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