A brief history

Dartford Community Church began in February 1986 as Dartford Christian Fellowship when a group of just over 60 people (including children) started to meet in the Y.M.C.A. in Dartford, believing that God had called us to be a church in the town. God confirmed this to us by adding many new Christians to our number, and to date our growth has been mainly from new converts.

In January 1988, this growth made it necessary for us to move from the Y.M.C.A. to Dartford Grammar School for Boys, as our Sunday attendance was about 150 people. Not owning a building helped in teaching people that the church is not a building, but men, women and children held together in the love of God – committed to him and to one another.

In March 2000 we moved into the newly completed Mick Jagger Centre at Dartford Grammar School. This has proved to be an excellent venue for us at the moment.

As a church we are in relationship with The Catalyst Network (part of the New Frontiers family of churches). We recognise and respect those with clear apostolic leadership and benefit greatly from their input and encouragement.

The church in Dartford is led by four elders, Alistair Gregory, Attilio Morosini, Ian Travers and Quinton Handscomb. They are the pastors of the church and they oversee the pastoral care within the church. Alistair was working locally as a company director until 1988 when he resigned his directorship to work full-time for the church. His role is that of Senior Pastor with particular responsibilities for the teaching programme and those working overseas. He is also involved in working with some other Catalyst churches, both in this country and overseas.

Attilio works as an IT Consultant and became an elder in May 1994. He is also involved in pastoral work and preaching. Ian and Quinton also work in IT and joined the eldership team in December 2014.

The elders are assisted by a leadership team comprising of Trustees, small group leaders and some others with particular responsibilities. Pastoral needs are first looked after within the small groups, where we encourage the biblical practice of one-another-ing.

In September 2006 we changed our name to Dartford Community Church believing that the Christian Fellowship name is not clearly understood by non-members and that Community Church expresses our vision and intentions far more clearly.